Confusion after FYJC Merit Cut Off List Announcement

Confusion after FYJC Merit Cut Off List Announcement

After the first fyjc cut-off list for First Year Junior College (FYJC) admissions on Monday was delayed, the confusion continued on Tuesday, with technical errors and changes in the fyjc admission procedure.

Vaishali Pitliya, who came from from Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai to secure her admission, said, “We were waiting till midnight on Monday, but website did not open. It was frustrating. Our journey was useless here. Schools started two months ago in MP.”

Akansha Mishra from All Saints High School who was securing her admission into St. Xavier’s College said, “The entire fyjc admission process is slow and we had to visit the officer concerned many times, even though the process is online. The fyjc website doesn’t open easily, and there are a lot of server errors coming up”.

“The fyjc admission procedure is a little taxing. At least one change of college preference must have been permitted and it is like a lucky draw, and it is difficult for those who do not get their first few college prefrences in the first merit list.” said a mother of a student from St. Mary’s School in Mazgaon.

Though some have a positive feeling. Father of Dhruvmil Mistry from St. Xavier’s School in Mira Road, said, “The delay was expected. The pattern was changed and now everything went online. So a delay was natural. It needs time and after some time the system will get better, and we need to support the initiative taken by the government. 2.5 lakh students are of course is hard to deal with when we have two children, and we have hard time to manage them.

Although the fyjc new admission procedure has got mixed reactions from some students and parents, as some welcomed the move by the govt. while others saw no benefit arising from it.

Smit Solanki from Green Lawns School said, “They should have kept the provisional fyjc admission process the way it was, as it secured your place in any given college”.

Rakesh Mehta, a parent of a student from Scholar High School in Colaba, had a different view point. “The fyjc admission process is better as people cannot reserve their seats and everyone gets an equal oppurtunity. It is a little risky as if you get into a particular college in your first merit list but you want a different college, you have to take the risk of waiting for the fyjc seond merit list and after this you might lose your chance to get into the former college too,” he said.

“Students should not panic, and wait if their name has not come out in the fyjc first merit list. The entire fyjc second merit list could be changed and its advisable not to cancel their seat where they get it." said, Dr Hemlata Bagla, principal of Kishinchand Chellaram College.

Swapna Durve, vice-principal at Mithibai’s Junior College, said, “How long a student is willing to wait to get enrolled into the college that is the best fit for them is a decisive factor this year, as the particular college might be allotted to them in the subsequent lists.”