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Pune.11thadmission.net Website is Error Free

The FYJC online portal for Pune - pune.11thadmission.net has been error-free. After due to technical errors, Mumbai.11thadmission.net website was down for a day for admission to first year junior colleges (FYJC), Pune students did not face any errors.

Education minister Vinod Tawde announced that the online portal for FYJC 11th admissions would be shut down for a day for maintenance after many complaints of technical errors were reported by students and parents. However, the Mumbai.11thadmission.net website was shut down and not pune.11thadmission.netpune.11thadmission.net student login can be done straight away and there is no problem.

Tawde said that the shut down of website was due to technical problems. He said, “The Mumbai 11th admission net website would be shut on Wednesday to fix problems. Parents and students should not panic as problems would be rectified soon. It is being done to make sure that students do not face any technical difficulties while entering their college choices and filling out the online application form”.

He also mentioned that the 11th online admission process for form filling will be continued in all other divisions except Mumbai. The FYJC Standard 11 online admissions started in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad,  Nagpur and Amravati.

Education department officials said, “We received several complaints regarding crashing of the web portal as well as speed issues, from students in Mumbai. As the number of students who are applying from Mumbai are much more than any other division, servers on the mumbai.11thadmission.net website slowed down due to heavy load. No complaints have been received from Pune or any other division. The problem was encountered while filling the Part 2 form for 11th admission Mumbai as most of them have already filled the first part of the form."

Over two lakh students, passing the Maharashtra SSC exams have applied for 11th admission but only 67,289 students have fully completed the application. Almost 30,000 students, are yet to fill Part 1 of the form.

Tawde said that the students should not panic as the plan to improve the servers and increase the bandwidth is going on and the deadline of June 27 to fill forms, could be extended to June 30.

If the expected numbers of students don’t complete forms by the stipulated time and deadline, we will extend it. There would be no problems for them.

Department of centralised admissions, had made the process online across the state of Maharashtra for the first time. The ability to handle huge traffic and the portal does not slow down would be undertaken. Earlier, FYJC 11th admission online were only limited to major cities like Mumbai and Pune.

Online 11th Admission Form Mumbai

Online 11th Admission Form Mumbai

First-year junior college (FYJC) applicants can start filling up Part I of the 11th online admission form from today i.e 2nd June 2017.

The Mumbai education department starts the website http://mumbai.11thadmission.net for students from Friday. Students can start filling up Part I of the forms, which needs them to enter personal, school and quota details. B B Chavan, deputy director said, "Since the 11thadmission.net portal is new, we want to test it and arrange a demo on Thursday. Forms filled on Thursday will not be accepted as these would be a test phase. mumbai.11thadmission.net website would be activated on Friday after making any corrections, if required."

The education department performed a test at the Pune 11th admission website last week. Students can get the information booklets sent by the education department for 11th admission through their schools. The FYJC information booklet has unique ID and password by which students can register and login on the official website http://mumbai.11thadmission.net.

The teachers, are concerned about the less time students have to complete the first part of the Online 11th admission form before the final admission process takes place. A teacher from an Andheri school said, "Our students would be called to school so that they can fill up the Online 11th admission form to make sure that there are no mistakes. We have only a week's time for that and many students would find it quite tough to fill the forms. It was necessary this year as the Mumbai 11th admission process and the http://mumbai.11thadmission.net portal are new."