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Students who wish to switch colleges in Class 12 will require to fill out an application form that will soon become available on the portal

Students will, however, need a ‘valid reason’ to shift to another college. As per the education department, students can make the switch only if they get a different stream, a college closer to home, or if they have recently moved or their parents have been transferred to another part of the city.

Many students in the middle of Class 11 or in Class 12 look for changing colleges if they want to secure admission at a college of their choice or if they are unhappy with the college allotted to them in the FYJC online admissions. The new rule of Maharashtra education department will make it tough for students to move from one junior college to another.

Kavita Rege, principal, Sathaye College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Vile Parle said, "Mumbai’s junior colleges are waiting for the education department to announce 11th online admission process timetable before implementing the changes. Many students have approached us for switching colleges. For now, we have asked them to submit applications, and we will take admission only after the 11th online admission 2017 starts.”

Rege added that the government needs to move fast over the 11th online admission mumbai. “The education department had announced about 8 months ago for the 11th online admissions, but we are yet to receive any further information or any new development or recent changes about it. This has put our college admissions on hold,” said Rege.